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 Shemiran Tehran Unique Diamond

Shemiran is the most pleasing and the most attractive area of Tehran. We can see Shemiran in the mirror of history and a brief look at the villages on the southern slopes of the TOCHAL Mountains, which was called (Qasran) about 400 years ago and later on the area’s name was changed into Shemiran.
Shemiran means “a cold place” literally, and in the past, Shemiran Mountain was considered Iran’s candle. Shemiran enjoys a history of thousand years as it is linked with the history of ancient REY city and kings such as Karim Khan Zand, Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, Fath Ali Shah, and all of those who either lived or came to the area for recrea- tion and hunting. Since one hundred years ago, Shemiran, due to its attractions such as Darband ,Tochal, and Kolakchal, was considered an entertainment venue, and currently the number of recreational users in the area has been increased as the result of establishment of cross- regional parks such as Jamshidieh, Gheitarieh, Niavaran in the region. Parts of Shemiran belongs to Tehran district one nowadays.

Some Of The Old Neighborhoodsof District One In Tehran Are As Follows:  Ajudanieh,  Araj,  Dezashib,  Ozgol,  Asadabad,  Aghdasi- yeh, Elahiyeh, Evin, Evin, Darake, Tajrish, Zaferanieh, Jafarabad, Jamaran, Jamal Abad, Chizar, Hesare Bu Ali, Dar Abad, Gheitarieh, Kamranye,Manzariyeh, Niavaran and Velenjak. Religious sites such as the shrines, museums palaces, and trans-regional parks as well as tourism attractions play an important role in providing permanent venues for pilgrimages and touris