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02/18/2019 - دوشنبه 29 بهمن 1397
The lower Tekieh has history too, it was restored in 2006. The new Hossienieh is called the No.2 hosseinieh and was built in 1999.
After Imam Khomeini residency behind the Jamaran Hosseinieh, because of the ease of travel to Hosseinieh, a temporary corridor was built between the house and balcony.

Jamaran mosque is located in Niayesh Alley, in center of Jamaran neibourhood. The mosques is nine square meters area and was rebuilt and repaired twice during past decades. Currently, the mosque is under development.

Among Jamaran prominent figures ,late Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Imam Jamarany, Hojatoleslam seyed Mehdi Jamarany, SeyedMohammad Bagher Jamarany, Seyed Jafar Hashemi Jamarany, Vahid Tonokaboni are noted.

Certainly the most famous figure resided in Jamaran history is Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic.

Imam Khomeini’s presence in Jamaran, entitled Jamaran as a decision-making and leadership centre for Iran which led to international reputation.
This Hosseinieh is located in Jamaran Street, hasanikia street, Niayesh alley.
Qasim Shrine
Qasim Shrine is located in northern Shemiran, in ancient village of ‘Dezh-olia”. The main   building is an octagonal tower and each side from inside is 25 / 2 meters wide and is made of brick. Today, This monument include apron, porch, portico and dome made of tile work. The origin of building is rooted back to 7th century AH. During Shah Tahmasb Safavid period, a fund box was founded for the shrine.

The main building was developed at Fath Ali Shah Qajar period and the current large porch was built on prayer direction. Outside the southwest corner of Monument and the old building, still vault and Roman views of Safavid Testament are evident. The outer dome is shaped as bulbous and the stem is decorated with adobe tiles and Kofi geometric. The fund box  was installed on the shrine in the 963. AH, on thirty-third year of Tahmasp Safavid kingdom.

The land surrounding the Qasim Shrine cemetery is stair-shaped . The Tehran prominent family graves are located here.
Imam Ismaeel Holy Shrine
Imam Ismaeel holy shrine is located in Kalhor street, in Chizar region and near to Ali Akbar shrine. He is a descendants of Imam Musa Kazem . The main building is a quad is 150 square meters. The dome is painted green and rather ancient. The yard is filled with old trees. The Shrine has a wide Hosseinieh and equipped with facilities for pilgrims.
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