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Monday 20 January 2014
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The first Nahj-olbalagheh house got opened

The first Nahj-olbalagheh house got opened

With the aim of expansion and propagation of religious and cultural advices based on Imam Ali speeches and his valuable book Nahj-olbalagheh ; the first Nahj-olbalaghe house of Tehran got opened in region1.
Besed on the municipality of region1 public relation :Saeed Kargaran the manager of the cultural office of this region municipality declared that: entrance of Nahj-olbalagheh  in to the daily life will cause the society moral and cultur promotion and should try due to reach an ideal society based on Imam Ali statements because these speeches were said for all eras and all different societies and attention to the advices of Quran and Nahj-olbalagheh will solve most of the society problems.
He added that:Nahj-olbalaghe house in the north of Tehran in Tajrish district hall is the first religious and cultural house in this book field in Tehran city that provide religious and cultural services to the citizens.


  • The first Nahj-olbalagheh house got opened